With roots reaching back to Ancient Rome, the Argiano estate has long been producing fine wines and contributing to the cultural history of the Montalcino region. As one of the most prestigious elements of the region, Argiano also helped birth the Brunello Consortium. Renowned wines like Brunello, Solengo, and Riserva are aged in the ancient underground cellar, giving visitors the true taste of tradition. Tourist season has already resumed, making authentic Tuscan living available for you to unwind and drink in culture.

The estate’s Villa, Bell’ Aria, so named for the pure quality of the local air, has been undergoing a gorgeous and historically faithful renovation. From deep in the ancient cistern to the villa’s top floor, architect Filippo Gastone, renowned for his historical accuracy and entrusted with the Vatican’s renovation, has meticulously overseen every aspect of the estate’s sumptuous rebirth. Now reopened and by appointment, the villa hosts immersive experiences in winemaking, cultural excursions, and excellent food and wine. By request, a private chef will curate thoughtful dishes of locally sourced organic foods, cooked en suite at the Dimore. The spacious estate will make you feel like you are on your own, private Tuscan vineyard escape. While here, be sure to try the Brunello 2016, an exciting vintage that has been earning a name for itself abroad. Discover the secrets of our ancient myths and drink in pure history.


Fonte: Forbes.com