In Argiano you can discover the secrets of the myth, Brunello di Montalcino,

and get to know closely how Solengo, the great Supertuscan by Giacomo Tachis for Argiano, is made.

Tours in Argiano begin with a general introduction, then we move into the vineyard next to the cellar, where the various stages of cultivation are explained and where you can understand what is the organic-regenerative viticulture: the “Argiano model”. We follow the path from the vineyard to the glass. Tour continues in the cellar, to discover the different stages of production, vinification and bottling. We visit the barrel rooms, where the wine rests, the small private chapel and then Villa Bell’Aria.
Entering in the Villa the tour becomes a historical experience. After the dark years of the Middle Ages, with the Renaissance, the noble families no longer wanted and had to hide themselves in fortified citadels, but they wanted instead to show their prestigious residences. And it is at the end of the 16th century that Pecci decided to build Villa Bell’Aria on top of the Argiano hill. Better healthiness of the air and more prestigious position for a building presented to Cosimo de ’Medici by his Auditor General B. Gherardini as” the most beautiful country residence in Siena’s State “.
After 5 years of conservative restoration, Villa Bell’Aria returns to its original splendor and can be finally visited again. Balance and harmony are the key words to enter into Argiano’s history and identity. Pecci had two children, so he designed this architectural jewel in a perfectly specular way. A perfect balance of complexity, which has become one of Argiano’s figures over the centuries and which can be found right up to the glass today, characterizing and identifying Argiano wines with the harmonious balance of the parts, style and elegance.
Before tasting the wines, a visit to the historic aging cellar of Argiano, which has always been counted among the most beautiful in Italy. The tour becomes exciting: the big casks where the most prestigious wines are aging, the ancient cistern enhanced by an architecture inspired by Fibonacci’s succession, the spiral of life, the historical collection and the niche dedicated to the legendary winemaker Giacomo Tachis, father of Sassicaia, Solaia and Tignanello and of our Solengo, his unique Supertuscan in Montalcino.