Argiano Dimore – a matter of choice.

Argiano Dimore forms part of the original complex of country houses surrounding the 16th century villa of Argiano. The Dimore benefits from a panoramic view, private gardens and a swimming pool. It was during the refurbishment and careful restoration of the Bell’Aria Villa that the idea of re-purposing the wooden beams from the roof was conceived, and they were used to create new designer furniture and interiors for the guest house.

Going back and rediscovering the origins of Argiano, it’s the driving force behind the renovation project for the guest house, and in that spirit the names of the three apartments date back to the original titles found in the Leopoldine land registry: Orto (vegatable garden),Casale (farmhouse) and Ovolaio. 


The key concept behind the design of the Dimore is to restore and rediscover what was once seen as discarded material from the roof and would have been thrown away – instead making it into an object of luxury. Indeed, this ‘old’ material no longer suitable for its original function come back to life and is reborn into a new role. It is regenerated and rediscovered. Beams and joists take on new life, becoming side cabinets, stands, table lights, benches, tables and bookshelves.

This simple material, already old and devoid of life, becomes the foundation of the restoration project. It becomes an item of elegance and luxury, a bridge of communication, a vehicle of through time. The use of natural, basic materials such as raw linen, brick and wood dominates as a unifying feature of the Villa and the guest house.

Set against this surface of rural identity from which the Farm itself originates, it’s the modern, clean and geometric style evoked by Corten sheets and combined with the natural and irregular texture of the wooden beams, so highlighting each one’s unique properties. The blend with the sharp and modern lines of the Corten serves to bring an object of restoration into the present as an integral element of modern design.